Level 3 (QCF)  Advanced Award in Armoured VIP Saloon & 4x4 Driver Skills

This course builds on the  Level 3 Protection  Driver  & Enhanced  Chauffeur  Skills  package and is dedicated to the uniqueness of armoured civilian or ‘White Fleet’  vehicles. It is the only formal  qualification of its type and is delivered only by  instructors experienced  in these types of vehicle. The course is structured to be  delivered over 5 days at our training facility in Berkshire   and  our satellite in Leicestershire.

Beginning with the inherent weight , speed and stopping differences using  our own  training fleet.  The  students then progress to dynamic and  realistic scenarios and  drives  both on and off road . All the time the specifics differences of the armoured  vehicles and the specialist handling skills needed are demonstrated practiced and assessed  

Sample Course Subjects Include-

Understanding reaction distance in relation to AVs
Weapon and explosive capabilities  &  Armour Level  Protection
Identifying Changes in Dynamics with respect to AVs
Armoured vehicle specifications /special features.
Space management and planning  & correct cornering and steering techniques in various types of AVs
Anti-Ambush  techniques; straight line , reverse slalom (using the rear window, mirrors, camera screens), around corners in AVs
Correct  use of  4wd Defensive Driving  &  on road systems
Vehicle  security packages and ECM introduction


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